Hoşgör Family became one of the well-knowed and prestigious company in the Grand Bazaar from the first days of their business life,  since 1960.

            In 1990, Hoşgör started their wholesale brand, called Regold in Nuruosmaniye. Since that date, Hoşgör focused their business on the retail and it stand out in relief from the other diamond companies by selling unique and stylish products.

Hoşgör, built it’s business depending on the trustable reletionships. So with the reputation of this trust, Hosgor had been very famous overseas, as well as in Turkey.

            With expertise of diamond and precious stones also variety of merchandise lines, Hosgor introduce to you the diamond that you imagine to have it. Without any doubt in your mind to have the best service even after you purchase the product. Behand of this success, you can see high-quality products and well-educated crew which takes the brand name of Hoşgör to the image they have now.